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Alana Perlin MFA



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Ms. Alana Perlin recently completed her MFA candidacy in Digital Arts | New Media at the University   of California, Santa Cruz. She graduated with her B.A. from UCLA's Design|Media Arts department.
Ms. Perlin has worked around the world as an artist, teacher, and researcher. Her past projects involve digital photography and database design for the Easter Island Statue Project in Chile and the Farfan project in northern Peru. Alana is now affiliated with the Social Computing Laboratory at the University
of California, Santa Cruz. She researches the conceptual intersections of virtual and physical domestic spaces.

Artist Statement

Cr0ss.p0llination asks the question of what it means to engineer genetic material. Drawing elements from a diverse group of flowers, aesthetic characteristics are recontextualized to form new aggregate floral representations. These lifeless flowers suggest the tension between engineered attempts to alter life and the fragile and beautiful natural forms being manipulated.