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Charley Peters PhD

(winner of Energy Gallery's Membership Award)

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Charley Peters is an artist based in London, UK. She graduated with First Class Honours
from Southampton Institute of Art in 1996, gained an MA (with distinction) from Birmingham Institute of Art and Design in 1998 and completed a PhD in Fine Art in 2006.

Her creative practice includes the use of photography and digital imaging, text, object making and drawing, with a particular interest in the sitting of the work. Charley’s most recent body of work is a collection of photographic narratives where the domestic environment becomes the setting for a series of visual stories that challenge the boundaries of truth and fiction. Her doctoral research explored visual storytelling and photo-narratives; interior spaces – both a physical space, and an interior, imaginative space; and archetypes of the feminine in literature, film and art.

Artist's Statement

My practice explores interior spaces; both a physical, architectural space, and also an interior, imaginative space. The domestic interior becomes a container that is subject to the dialectics of inside/outside, a metaphoric representation of the myths associated with the body, the artist, and the protagonist in existing narratives. Strange and disjointed events parody childhood fantasies but are sometimes suggestive of the desires and confusions that lie beneath the adult psyche and adult experiences.

The work is concerned with telling or suggesting stories. It is connected with existing tales that are
told about women and with the construction of new narratives. As well as being the subject of the
stories, I am also concerned with being their author; my images are constructed solely by me through the assembly of props, the acting-out and recording of events, and by often featuring in the final images myself. The work suggests the performance of private dramas when the narrative space is turned inward to the domestic; the psychic location of desire and anxiety, and the private space of feelings.

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