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Robert Kunec 

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Artist's statement:

artwork I

"The Flag Day“

Installation, American flag*, electric iron, 2005

  The absurdity of certain occurrences requires ironic means of expression.

The purpose of an electric iron is similar to that of a tank. The iron’s purpose is to smooth an underground, to plane it and to eliminate any resistances.

*This flag is used to cover the coffin on the occasion of military burials. The inscription and the desert camouflage of the iron are those of the American „Abrams M-1-A1 tank.

artwork II

“It´s a Beauty ”(Das ist Schön)

Installation, Plaster, Bust height 30cm, 2005

This artwork indirectly criticizes the way we look at an artwork.
It's beautiful! - It's not beautiful! - are the most said words by people
after they've seen an artwork. This words define our thoughts, usually they
are satisfying enough.
The Princess Diana isn't here just by any chance, she was a symbol of beauty
and purity that the society had created in her.
The way the bust was created, it shows us that it seems to be as perfect as
an industrial product.
Should we understand the art, or should we just judge it by the way it