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MA- Eco-spiritual Goddess Art (MAriska Ondrich-Vaithya MPhil.)

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My paintings celebrate and symbolize the sacred immanence of the Mother-Goddesses, Their immense power, in the Earth, in Nature, in every Tree, Plant, Healing Herbs, in the Fire, in the Water, in Rivers, Oceans, in the Air, in the Sky and inside myself. They are painted spontaneously, expressing my deep feelings of love and affection for my sacred immanent Mother-Goddesses Vanakaliyamman, Veepilaikaliyamman, Mariamman, Malainachiamman, Tatakainachiamman, the numerous other Village/Folk and Tribal Goddesses in Their Sacred Groves, the numerous Earth and Nature -Goddesses. They are always inside, beside and with me. I paint through and with the sacred immanent Mother-Goddesses. They are my source of inspiration and creativity. Indeed, we paint together. For me, creating a painting is a meditation on and celebration of the sacred immanent Mother-Goddesses. For my paintings, I use only self-made natural colors. 

30 percent from every painting are for the construction of an aged ladies home in Tamil Nadu!!!