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Daniel Mather BFA

Brief bio:

Upon graduation from the Columbus College of Art and Design—which he
attended on full scholarship—Daniel did a brief stint with American
Greetings (Create-a-Card) where he quickly rose from staff artist to
Art Director. Relocating then to New York City, his skills were
further challenged as Creative Director conceiving and designing major
billboards that graced Times Square. From his Central Park South
residence he now devotes himself entirely to freelance endeavors. His
work can be found in many private collections.

Artist’s statement:

Using simplistic and often familiar imagery, Daniel depicts alternate
realities and showcases the complexities inherent in modern life. A
robot walking in a circle becomes an icon for an entire generation
working their lives away. An ape seen in a human fingerprint alludes
to the growing rift between science and religion, and an armed woman
with censored breasts portrays a nation in conflict over which values
are dangerous. Every piece has an immediate emotional and aesthetic
impact. However, upon reflection, all reveal a provocative internal
meaning. Through his work, Daniel Mather has taken the Symbolist
movement as a foundation and capped it with a unique and compelling