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Dawn Revett BFA


Artists statement:
Cargo. Weighty, anonymous, masses of consumable goods. A voluminous
presence that fails to fill the absence in which it is placed. Shipping lanes.
Highways. Storage yards. Gateways through which material goods in their
anonymous phase leave or enter our lives; portals through space and
time for Things. Solidity. Gravity. "Needs".

I see in these portals stillborn opportunities. I see what was here,
before the cargo and the promises. I see a mirage of material goods preening
with seductive poise. I see what cargo cannot replace. I see the potential
for change.

These sites speak to me of how anonymous consumption fragments our
society within itself and divides us from the environment. Stained wood
reveals an absence of nature that this ingestion of goods creates. To me it is an
absence that screams. Yet these goods pass as unbranded cargo through
quiet ports, sleepy highways, and placid storage fields. These places stand as
silent memorials to what we have sacrificed in order to achieve the
cargo we so fanatically pursue. For me these are peaceful places. Like
cemeteries, or morgues. Tranquil, beautiful, and tragic.

I paint the images because for me paint best conveys the beauty that I
feel in the anxious desolation of these locations. With paint I can better
recreate the subtle fusion of fascination and pain that I experience
when standing there. I can freeze the highway's silent roar, and touch the