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Dianne Kadah BFA


Brief bio:
Dianne Kadah is a life-long artist and holds a BFA in Fine Art
Photography and Computer Graphics from Syracuse University. She has
been a practicing artist for over thirty years. She has more recently
studied the craft of Life Coaching during which time she struck upon
the concept of combining her passion for Fine Art Photography with
inspirational messages to motivate people to live life more fully;
lives filled with purpose and impassioned by their life-long dreams.

In 2005 she founded the company Diva Designed to offer her images
(combined with inspired quotes, and other photographic products) to a
wider public as a tool to help uplift and inspire people. Her gift for
seeing the beauty that others pass by, or the deeper significance in
imagery we might refer to as iconographic, is what gives her images a
richness and a depth this is at once captivating and alluring.

They cause us to linger and pause, rather than just glance at them in
passing without further thought. The images do indeed stand on their
own, but when combined with the words of so many philosophers, writers,
poets, sages and saints past and present, they give us a remarkable
tool to use for daily reflections, inspiration, and motivation.

Artistís statement:

Photography is my passion. My goal is to create passion in others; to
uplift, to inspire, to touch them in ways that nothing else has before.

I focus predominately upon nature - both landscapes and more intimate
views - to capture the inherent beauty that is there - but which few
actually witness or experience.

Many visuals capture the moment, such as it is - but my intent, my
purpose is to use the photographic image to invoke peaceful, meditative
emotions in the viewer; and to get them to experience nature and her
richness in a way that is often overlooked.

It has frequently taken many visits to the same locale to capture the
magic of the place; where the quality of the light and other factors
conspire to invoke an image that creates passion in the viewer.