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Terry Dixon MFA

Born 1969, Washington, DC. U.S.A
Lives in the Chicago area.


MFA, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Art & Technology
BFA, Atlanta College of Art, Visual Arts

Chicago area artist Terry Dixon was featured in the May 2, 2005 issue of BusinessWeek Magazine “Photography’s Golden Age” as one of the next up and coming artist to start collecting. Terry was noted in the article for combining photographic imagery with his abstract paintings.

Throughout Terry’s body of work, he explores kinetic connections with his abstract line style and his imagery reflects a heavy influence of Abstract Expressionism. Many of his art pieces are inspired by his love for jazz music and this rhythmic connection has made a dynamic visual impact in his work.

Some of Terry's work explores different parts of the human face, body, and abstracted in various ways that pull the viewer deeper into his creations. Certain pieces are influenced by interactions with society and political issues while others are free flowing ideas that move to the mental rhythm of his creativity.

His imagery has been noted to be complex and somewhat musical in its flow across the surface of his creations. Terry's mind travels across a vivid color palette in the execution of his paint strokes and then fuses black ink and abstract lines over the surface to jolt the viewer's eye into many different angles across the canvas.

The artist is currently working on many different projects that involve sound, and imagery and he hopes to make a dynamic impact with the viewer, with hopes that the individual will learn something from their connection with different variations of society and cultures.

Artist Statement

Over the years, I have enhanced my techniques on canvas by combining my abstract digital images with acrylics , oil pastels, and inks. I found that combining the flat images with my abstract designs gave me an interesting and dynamic contrast between two mediums.

My work has taken on a life of its own through the abstract kinetic lines that move to a mental rhythm as they flow from my hand. Every line, paint stroke, is a free flowing idea that is DEEPLY ROOTED in sight and sound. My art is also influenced by, political issues, society, various free flowing ideas, and one other backbone element of my art is fueled from the "FREE JAZZ STYLE" prevalent in the 60’s and 70’s. As I listen to deep bass cords, drumbeats, and harsh trumpet notes, I become engulfed in an intuitive abstract flow.

My bold, jagged, and aggressive line style is also influenced by African Art and culture. The thick lines and aggressive paint strokes are a dynamic fusion between my flat digital images and traditional methods of painting and sketching. Combining these media allows the surface of my work to take on different depths.