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"- 599"

an international art exhibition for ARTi - tobacco

In April of 1994, a list of 599 ingredients were submitted by 5 major American tobacco companies to the US government's Department of Health and Human Services for use in the manufacturing of cigarettes.

The 5 tobacco companies were:
American Tobacco Company
Brown and Williamson
Liggett Group, Inc.
Philip Morris Inc.
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company

Most of the ingredients were used for the purpose of getting people addicted or to maintain their addiction to cigarette smoking.

Some of the ingredients when being burnt will generate at least 69 chemicals that is know to cause cancer.

According to the World Health Organization, currently tobacco kills nearly 6,00,000 people a year globally.

Call for submissions:

ARTi-Smoking is seeking artists and public to submit artworks or writings to express their feelings about the tobacco industry and its victims.

All submissons will be displayed in Arti-Smoking's online Gallery.

A jury will select a total of 599 artworks for inclusion in a travelling international exhibition for bringing awareness to danger of tobacco uses and campaign for cigarette companies to reduce ingredients aiming at making people addicted to cigarette smoking.

For each selected artwork one of the ingredients listed will be symbolically crossed out by the participant.

Less addictive ingredients = less addicted cigarette smokers = less people become ill or die from cigarette smoking

List of the 599 ingredients

Submission guideline-

Submission fee: free

Deadline: ongoing until 599 artists are selected.

Dimension of artwork: up to 24in x18in

Artwork information-
Name of artist:

Date created:

comments: (optional)

Please send images of artwork (max 300kb) and submission information to selection committee at:


-599 Gallery

About ARTi-Smoking:
Arti-Smoking is a not-for-profit organization incorporated and registered in Canada in 2002.

Arti-Smoking uses creative methods and art to enhance youth and public awareness about danger of smoking and the epidemic magnitude of deaths from tobacco uses, as well as gathering public supports to fight the problem.

Arti-Smoking is NOT an anti-smoking organization, it is anti-TOBACCO; because it believes that tobacco and cigarettes productions are the real sources of the problem.

For more informaiton about ARTi-smoking or to view online display of submitted artworks please visit:





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