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Quanyin: Goddess of Mercy & Compassion - ( artworks by 37 International artists to commemorate tobacco victims. ) June 9th - July 10th, 2005 @ VMAC Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
Space sponsored by SAVAC

Materials sponsors: Elaine Koo Art Studio, EPSON Canada Limited.

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Installation views and some pics from the opening.

Participating artists Doris Sung, Henry Ho, Ritian Lee & exhibition guests.

Curator June Rhee converses with participating artist Devarti Ghosh; exhibition guests; Henry Ho with art piece entitled 'My Father' for commemoration of his father. 

The lovely ladies behind the show (from left to right): Shelly Bahl-Advisor of SAVAC; Rachel James- Director of SAVAC; June Rhee-Curator and Board Director of ARTi-Smoking; Louisa Louie-Board Director of ARTi-Smoking. 

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