I Would Have Died Three million and One Times in
1993 Alone If I Did Not Quit Smoking

 Highland Junior High School, Toronto, April-May, 2002,
Education Week project of the Vanier & Jackson District of Schools, Toronto District School Board.


A site-specific educational and interactive art installation by David Cheung, demonstrates the magnitude of horrible killings done by tobacco uses through a display of 3,000,001 images, which visually depicts the number of people died from tobacco smoking-related illness in 1993

According to the information released by World Health Organization, more than 3 million people had died of tobacco smoking-related illness globally in 1993. Currently, more than 4 million people die from tobacco uses each year. If this trend continues, there will be more than 10 million people die from tobacco smoking each year by 2030.

It is absolutely absurd to allow tobacco companies kept on producing lethal substances, which kill millions of people in slow painful deaths every year for profits.

This madness cannot go on.

"Arti- Smoking", art for a smoke-free world project. Through art projects and creative methods, Arti-Smoking strives to enhance the public's awareness to the real magnitude of tragedies from tobacco smoking/manufacturing and organizes the public to fight this problem. Please watch for future activities of Arti-Smoking and the launching of '' .

The educational and interactive art installation I would have died three million and one times in 1993 alone if I did not quit smoking is made possible by the generous support of the School Principal, Mr. Dale Clayden, together with the teachers and students of Highland Junior High School, the Toronto District School Board, Tern Art Supplies as well as the Lepage Division of Henkel Canada Ltd sponsoring FUN-TAK for installation.

Photos courtesy of Vivian Lo and Yemen Tse

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