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Seong-Kyoo Jeon PhD

South Korean artist, Seong-Kyoo Jeonís fabric paintings are playful in terms of the recycled pieces that are put together to form a hybrid entity. Jeon states that playing with each piece of used clothes is like a conversing with things around him. In as much as the clothes imply the embodiment of culture and civilization, Jeon sees his fabric support as a basis for re-establishing human existence with its engagement with the cultural/natural environment. The functional aspects of the clothes lose their meanings as the unfamiliar form of the hybrid entity starts to occupy our domestic spaces as if they are going through the process of cellular division. Jeonís paintings together with the site of his painting installation are an example of ecological architecture, where the existence of being stands on the margin of nature, culture and society.

Ė Independent curator, Jooyeon Rhee, PhD candidate, York University, Toronto

Seong-Kyoo Jeon was born in Seoul Korea. He received his B.F.A and M.F.A from Seoul National University in Seoul, Korea, and received his Doctor of Fine Art from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Jeon teaches visual arts at Dongduk Univ., Sookmyung Univ., and Sungshin Univ. in South Korea. He had 16 solo shows nationally and internationally including CJ Gallery in San Diego, DeLeon White Gallery in Toronto, and SPAN Gallery in Melbourne, Australia.