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Charlotta Hauksdottir MFA


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Charlotta María Hauksdóttir graduated from the MFA program at the San Francisco Art Institute, majoring in photography. She previously studied in Rome, Italy, at the well-known Istituto Europeo di Design. 

Charlotta  has participated in several exhibitions in Rome, San Francisco, and in Reykjavík, where she is originally from.  Her solo exhibition at the Reykjavík Museum remained on display for two years and is now a part of their permanent collection.  She has also had numerous photographs published in magazines both in Italy and in Iceland.  Her photographs are in private collections in Germany, Italy, Iceland and the United States. 

Artist's Statement

My landscapes address perception of space. The disorientation that comes with the constant flux of our environment is represented in the elusiveness of the images.  By blurring the photographs and fragmenting, they become sensations of perishable moments.  Moving through the photographs there is a transient feeling of actuality becoming a memory because sometimes things can exist in a more intense way inside memory and longing. This air of confusion surrounding the images, distortion and abstraction creates around itself a void.  But in these vacant photographs there is an undeniable presence, a look, that adds to this unrealizable longing for connection. The fleetingness of the disjointed terra firma questions the capability of comprehending the here and now.