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Membership Information:

Energy Gallery is accepting applications for a limited number of memberships.

A sample member site can be viewed here: Sharon Cook

FAQ: Why consider an Energy Gallery membership?

Energy Gallery's selection committee will consider only professional artists with high quality artworks for its membership. Members

Accepted members will be among an exclusive group of prestigious International artists who share common passion in art creation and desire in having their web presence being seen.

If you have an art related website, you would like it to be visited by artists, art patrons and art  professionals.

Being a member of Energy Gallery, your website would be strategically displayed in Energy Gallery's website, such that it could benefit from the high traffic Energy Gallery receives due to its popular ongoing exhibitions and art calls. (Currently the Energy Gallery website receives an average of 3,000+ hits per day and up to 11,000+ hits per day during new show and new art call launches.)

Such that members' websites would be ensured visits by visitors.

Members have opportunities to participate in ongoing exhibitions organized by Energy Gallery or its members, online and off-line.

Members will belong to a vibrant art community with interactions among members.

Energy Gallery will continue to design programs and projects to increase traffic and visibility of  members' websites.

Type of memberships:

1. Membership with website designed and hosted by Energy Gallery.

Members' benefits:

a. Energy Gallery will design a website for the artist with 20 art images and up to 5 text pages for     artist's CV & statement.

b. Energy Gallery will host the artist's site in Energy Gallery’s website for a period of 2 years.

c. Member artists will have a personal URL such as: www.energygallery.com/yourname.htm .

d. Member artists automatically qualify for 2 online exhibits without additional fees.

e. Member artists will have opportunities to participate in offline gallery exhibits organized by     
    Energy Gallery (exhibition fees apply.) 

f. Members may present themselves as “Energy Gallery’s Member Artists”.

Membership fees:

-US$ 500 / 2 years
(Includes: web design fee, 2 years web hosting fee, 2 years membership fee and qualifying fees
for 2 online exhibits.)

- Additional images and image page design charge:  US$10/image.

- Additional text page charge: US$15/page

- Website update fee: US$15/page

-Annual membership fee and web hosting fee after initial 2 years: $200/year
(includes qualifying fee for 1 online exhibit).

2. Membership for members with own websites.

Members' benefits:

a. Members' website links will be strategically displayed on Energy Gallery’s website for traffic referral.

b. Members may present themselves as “Energy Gallery’s Member Artists”.

c. Member artists are automatically qualified for 1 online exhibit without additional fees.

d. Member artists will have opportunities to participate in gallery exhibits organized by Energy Gallery     without further selection process (exhibition fees apply).

Annual membership fee: US$100

Application form:

Please submit up to 10 artwork images (max 200kb/image) or url of artworks and following information to Membership Committee via email: membership@energygallery.com

Artist Name:

Number of artworks submitted:

URL of artworks: (optional)

Titles, media, dimension of artwork and date created:


Brief bio: (max 300 words)

Artist’s statement: (max 300 words)


Mailing address:

Telephone: (optional)

Website: (optional)

For more information please write to membership@energygallery.com