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Margo Magid BFA

Margo Magid has studied painting with Koho Yamamoto, C. C. Wang, Amalie Rothschild, Grace Hartigan, Sam Francis and Hilton Brown. She works in oil, acrylic, sumi, watercolor, collage, photographic and digital media -- often in combination.

She believes art is a story well-told. In this age, our personal landscapes are limitless, and artists become what they see and the stories they tell.


Baltimore Museum of Art

Walters Art Gallery:The Next Generation

Blink Gallery,London

Evergreen Gallery

The Open Center

National Sumi-e Society Projekt30

Westbeth,with New York Sumi-e Society

Shanghai Museum Gallery

Energy Gallery

Open studio: Koho Yamamoto


Max Beckmann fellowship in painting

Fulbright Fellowship, word and image

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                Margo Magid