Rodrigo De Toledo MFA

Rodrigo is an artist, designer and professor, working in the intermedia arts realm: print, poetry, installation, interactive, painting, music, and animation. Born in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), he started his career in 1987. His work received awards and grants, and was published, screened and exhibited around globe and online. As a designer, he worked with a variety clients, creating TV commercials, printed publications, web sites and CD-ROMs. Rodrigo currently teaches visual communication at Northern Arizona University (USA). For full Portfolio:

Artist's Statement

Lately I like to think that my main artistic pursuit could be defined by the idea of Designed Universes. Some of my recent pieces are result of a visual research project called Natura Synthetica Syncretism in Visual Language, which is a deconstruction and reconstruction of natural and synthetic forms, and the structural description of a hybrid set of forms. I explored the concepts of generative grammar and imagination syntax in my visual language and used a mix of gouache, painting and digital techniques in this work.

The connection between biology, technology and consumerism are also common themes in my media works, such as in Nanodramas Identity Pills, Designed Memories (2003), and Uneaten Future Sacred Bytes (1995), and in the series of digital paintings called Anatomia Virtual (1992).

Since 2003 I have been creating objects which combine packaging and cheap plastic toys. The resulting mini installation scenes and modular packaging explore the plasticity and semiotics of product, waste, and childhood. My pop objects live in the fantasy world of consumer culture and advertising.

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